The End of Breast Cancer Awareness Month..










I have a love/hate relationship with the pink ribbon..

As many of you know, I had (have, perhaps?) breast cancer.  I was diagnosed just over 3 years ago.  Lost the left one to a mastectomy and did chemo from July to November 2008.  It wasn’t easy, I lost all of my hair and now I can’t eat avocados because they tasted so good when I was on chemo.

I appreciate the advantages of having a cancer with a strong political lobby — don’t get me wrong.. the research and attention breast cancer is getting is a great thing.  I wish all cancers had such good politics — and it’s sad for other folks who have had cancer (I’m not a survivor, thanks.. I’m a one boobed woman), that they don’t have similar power.

What gets to me is the commercialization of the pink ribbon — last year seemed worse to me than this year, perhaps because Andy and I don’t spend nearly as much time at the coffee shop… but, it seems that companies who plaster the pink ribbon on products to sell and then don’t give a significant amount of money to research ought to be outed by some consumer watchdog group… or boycotted in a public way by people impacted by breast cancer.

Last year I spent the whole month bitching about breast cancer pink ribbons — so much so that Andy got me a pink ribbon as a joke.  I also caught him buying and donating pounds of coffee to Amy’s cause (or whatever, the Cariboo deal) — although, I don’t think I ever told him I saw.. hmm..

This  year Andy’s suggestion was that I come up with something to be grateful for instead of bitching.  He’s bright that way… so, whenever I feel a ribbon-bitch coming on, I’ll look at him and tell him what I’m grateful for at that second — and it’s worked.  I’ve had a better attitude about it and it doesn’t really bother me if other folks want to buy pink ribbon stuff to “support” breast cancer.  I don’t think I have to – I gave my breast tissue to research and participated in a drug trial — that was enough, doncha think?

I’m happy to see November just around the corner… although the commercialization of Christmas gets me down every friggin Halloween.. sigh.


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