RBO, Busy, busy, busy…


She’s back!!!  Right now it’s a trial run.. but, I hope it works out…

  • Right now she’s sleeping under the coffee table — after an exhausting afternoon of sniffing the place up and down.  The real question is how Spock (the little black one) will take being an only cat at his father’s place.  I hope it works, because Terra is great company.
  • I submitted the first round of forms for two new courses — Environmental ethics and Business ethics.  Of course, the comma freaks at school have a bunch of edits for me, but they’re actually reasonable and possible, so one more round and the courses will be approved.
  • I did my annual faculty development plan and got a minimal review.  All seems happy there.
  • I sent the writing sample off for dream job — and am waiting on their response… fingers crossed.
  • I submitted my sabbatical plan and had a few edits suggested, but it’s a go…
  • AND schedules are due back on Friday or so — which is fun in and of itself…
  • I’m mostly caught up on grading… which is a miracle.
So — it’s the usual early November crunch — been there, done that.

Also had a talk with a colleague/friend.  This person is highly helpful across the college.  S/he is also highly qualified and nationally recognized within the specific area they are helping with.  My interactions with hir have been completely helpful, positive and fun.  We talk about life and teaching while I learn new stuff from hir.

S/he was blindsided by criticism in the past couple of weeks — attacked by faculty who think s/ he’s intrusive and is putting them thru hoops without reason to do so.  This sucks — and I told hir so.  I also pointed out that this is the time of the year that everyone gets super cranky — and s/he was the target of that.  It got me to thinking about my own times when I decided to step back from a conflict, not respond to a nasty e-mail and generally back down and choose my battles… most of those times were in late October or early November..

So — faculty friends beware — your colleagues turn into nasty creatures about Halloween — and don’t recover until finals week.. hang in there.


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