When’s the last time you…

When’s the last time you:
  • Saw old friends and made new connections?
  • Saw your best friend ever?
  • Stayed up all night with someone, just because you didn’t want to go to sleep?
  • Saw the set and then rise (same question as above)?
  • Told someone you loved them?
  • Had someone wake you up to tell you that they love you?
  • Laughed until coffee came out your nose?
  • Cried in someone’s arms?
  • Talked to someone who really gets you?
  • Got a high five?
  • Watched a bunch of episodes of a great show?
  • Risked irritating the neighbors with your music?
  • Told someone that they are kind, compassionate and smart?
  • Were told that you’re a nice person and brilliant?
  • Gave someone permission to forgive themselves for their past?
  • Offered to get someone in crisis the help they need?
  • Told someone that “they’re the one who is off, not you”?
  • Fell asleep in someone’s arms?
  • Woke up in someone’s arms?
  • Had a nice, sweet lump of cat snooze on you?
  • Were told that you’re good at your job?
  • Were congratulated about something?
  • Sat around a bonfire with an old friend and a new friend?

I may not have a lot of money.

I may not have an academic job with any kind of prestige.

I may live in an apartment and drive a car with over 100,000 miles on it — but, I’ve done all of the above recently, which makes for a pretty happy life.


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