It would have been 21…


21 years ago yesterday I married my best friend — sadly, things changed for us and we didn’t make 21 years.

We loved, laughed, grew and grew apart.  During the good years we were one another’s rock, inspiration and soft place to land.

I know I wouldn’t be Dr. Patty without him.  Even though he didn’t like my chapter on selective conscientious objection, we discussed the whole dissertation as it was in progress.

I won’t write in public about the reasons for our split.  Suffice it to say it was mutual and not for reasons you see on TV (abuse, neglect, violence, cheating).  It has been quite polite, which is an amazing thing to say about a divorce.

I wish my ex all the happiness in the world.  I hope he finds someone to spend the rest of his life with — or that he’s happy without that someone.  I know he’s a very special person and he’ll always have a place in my heart and my history.  I also hope he knows that if he needs me, I’ll be there for him — as a friend, because that’s what we ended up being best at — being friends.

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  1. I really really like that you’re able to write this. Sounds as though things ended, but ended okay.

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