Trouble saving tips for faculty…

… ’tis the time of the year for stress in the halls of academia…

We have too much to do and not nearly enough time to do it in… For us, Finals start in 2 weeks.. eeek!

Here are a few tips I’ve learned in 8 years of full-time (5/5) teaching:

  • Use whatever electronic calendar your college uses — mine is Outlook.  Put all of your classes, office hours and grading or research time into it — then you can tell staff folks who want meetings with you to look at your calendar and make an appointment.  It saves endless e-mails back and forth.
  • Use the course management software grade book.  It keeps you from having to answer “what’s my grade” questions… which are a complete time suck.
  • Find someplace else to do your most intense work… your office is NOT that place.  Folks will stop by, the phone will ring etc.  I dress a lot like a student and hide out on campus well away from my office — I call it my “study hall” and it works.
  • Final papers don’t need extensive comments.  They never come to pick them up, don’t waste your time.
  • Alternate activities.  Today I’m working on new online courses AND grading for the current hybrid course.  Flipping back and forth helps keep you fresh.
  • Have something to do that’s different for your off time.  I’m reading a trashy book about a girl who is paying her way thru Columbia as a model — and watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix with Andy.  Escape is your friend.
  • Remember that grades will be due soon and you’ll make the deadline — then it will be over — I promise.


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