If a tacky store, cheap merchandise and desperately unhappy employees are not enough to keep you away from Mills Fleet Farm this holiday season, consider this. Mills has banned the bell ringers for the Salvation Army from their retail locations. The reason: It “may” encourage other organizations from asking to use Mills locations.

A bit about Mills. These are family members who cant even stand themselves. In Minnesota we call them Fleet Farm….in Wisconsin, Farm and Fleet each decorated in the same blaze orange and almost exactly the same, but operated by two asshole brothers that couldn’t stand each others company.

Do we all remember the attacks on 9/11/2001? Mills gas stations were the first (and only) retail chain to offer gas at well over $10.00 a gallon………until they were accused on television of price gouging.

I had the misfortune of having a stolen identity in the early 90’s……one of the places checks were written was Mills in Brooklyn Park. The manager called me and physically threatened me on several occasions. I had already sent him an official affidavit explaining I was not the culprit. I finally had to have a sit down meeting with the city prosecutor to get Mills to stop.

Would Jesus, Buddha, Mohamed or Santa Claus think that this is the time of year to stop helping the most vulnerable people in our society?

Last year, my 8 year old son pulled his last two bucks out of his pocket and put it in the red can. I didn’t ask him to or tell him to. It was just simply clear to him that he is more fortunate and he should help.

Something that escaped the mighty corporate Grinch.


2 Responses

  1. Is that why they have 2 names? I always wondered…
    I heard on the news this morning that they changed their mind. We don’t shop there much at all, I prefer Tractor Supply Company–smaller and easier to navigate.

  2. While I’m on board with boycotting Fleet Farm, it’s because they’re using cheap, non-local/non-union labor at their new store:

    Meanwhile, I won’t lose any sleep about the Salvation Army:

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