Women’s Responsibilities…


… some women are protesting that managing their fertility isn’t their job..

Ummm… yes, yes it is.

A recent story on NPR about the decline in fertility after a woman’s 20s caught my ear on the way to work this morning.  The gist of the story was that women think they can easily concieve into their 40s..

UMMM…. where the heck did they get that idea?  Answer, from the media… yea, the same media that tells you that you have to have the bod of Jessica Simpson, the brains of Marge Simson and a husband who doesn’t look at all like Homer Simson.  You’re supposed to have a career like Opra’s, be able to dance like Ellen and have a passle of kids like Kathy Lee… and do it all starting in your 40s?  By the time your kids are in college you’ll be old and exhausted.

Maybe I knew this because of my own fertility struggles, but it was no secret to me that women in their 20s most easily pop out kids, have their spirit animals conqured or whatever… in their 30s, it gets more difficult and in their 40s, the success rate for even a very healthy couple is quite low.

I suppose it doesn’t help that the ditzy housewife on Real Housewives of New York thought that missing a period at 53 — yes — 53 years old, meant that she was preggers.  Sweetie, that’s menopause starting — not getting knocked up.  Your eggs are expired… duh!

At the end of the story one advocate argued that this should be a men’s issue — that they should run their PSAs about declining fertility during football games… umm, nope.  Men don’t have this issue, they have many others but not this one.  It’s up to women to figure out what they want in terms of kids… we fought for the right to have aboritions, (i.e. do what we want with our bodies), don’t try to blame this one on the dudes..

Personally, I’m glad the kid in my life is 10…


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