Like riding a bicycle…








… except, on thin blades, and slippery ice…

Max had his first experience on the ice today… yep, he’s 10, lives in Minnesota and has never been skating before.

It was fascinating to teach him… since I don’t remember learning to skate.  I grew up on a lake, we skated not long after we could walk.  When I started taking skating lessons, I already knew how to skate and moved pretty quickly to jumps and spins… and falling on my ass.

I’m really proud of Max — he followed my advice, for the most part, he fell and got up again.  He made it around the rink twice — the second time around he was getting the hang of it.

There are two aspects to learning to skate that I just couldn’t teach or show him — one, falling doesn’t hurt all that bad (especially when you’re 10), and the feel of the blad on the ice.  So, today was about falling and getting back up again and feeling the ice with your blades.

At the end, Max was eager to do it again — which is fantastic for him, since he’s usually so good at things he tries and sometimes gets discouraged easily when he isn’t instantly a whiz.  I’m proud of him that he laughed and smiled the whole way around.  Every time he fell, we talked about why he fell the direction he did and how to avoid it the next time.

I really enjoyed it because it was something I could help Max with… it made me feel like a good “Patty”.

At the end of the 30 minutes we spent on the ice, I felt like I’d remembered how to skate — kind of — and Max was excited by the prospect of going again. Not a bad way to spend the afternoon.



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  1. I remember learning how to skate as an adult since I grew up in parts of the world where ice was something one found as cubes in the freezer. Yay for Max!

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