Pile it on, why don’t you?











Like every other academic blogger in the pergatory between Thanksgiving and Winter break, I’m feeling a bit overloaded..

I have two online courses to finish by Wednesday — for Spring.

I have a pile of grading waiting for me, with more in the forecast.

I have a meeting with someone about some kind of college initiative thing I haven’t had time to think about.

I have a meeting with the department to figure out schedules for a semester I hope to be on sabbatical.

I’ll have a schedule to get rotated and chased down before winter break.

I have two meetings to attend with my super-dean before she goes on leave —

The administration has some kind of project for us to do — concerning student achievement or something…

Plus, there’s finals and calculating grades…

A few bright spots — I’ll turn 43 on Thursday — and I’m taking the evening off, and perhaps most of the next day.

Pandygraw comes right at the end of finals week, exactly when I need it most.

A good pal and hopefully sabbatical buddy is having a holiday party… YEA!  Last year involved a white elephant gift exchange, some wine and roller girls… seriously, how could it have been better?

In all of this fun, we need to go shopping at a truck stop for an appropriate contribution to the exchange… oh yea!


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