Intercultural Education…











I had an interesting experience today…

It was an exchange with a student I’ll call A.

A is in my logic class, she’s smart, articulate and hard working… and doing fairly well in logic.

A didn’t do well on the last quiz, so she’ll have to take the final — about half of my students end up taking the final and it’s no big deal…. except to A.

Me:  Well, you’ll have to take the final.

A:  What happens if I take the C final?

Me:  your grade is limited to a C, no matter what your percentage is.

A:  I want to take the B final, then… because I want a B.

Me:  There is no B final, there’s an A/B final that has problems from the last two sections of the course.

A:  I don’t like the last section, but I like the one before it.. I want to take a final on that one.

Me:  That final doesn’t exist.

A:  But, I want to take that final.  Is there any way I can do it.

Me:  no

A:  really, I don’t like using the last set of rules, so I think I’ll take the B final.

Me:  no

A: why

Me:  because there is no such thing…

A:  but I don’t understand the last set of rules.

Me:  then you can take the C final.

A:  but I want a B, let me take that final…

lather, rinse and repeat for a while —

Other students were watching in amazement as she thought she could negotiate a new final out of me… and laughing.


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