My last day of 42…

My Hitchhiker’s year has been a wild ride, for sure…

and “don’t panic” is kind of an appropriate bit of advice.

This year, in no particular order:

  • I went from married to divorced — and while the reasons started well before my 42nd year, it’s when my divorce started and ended.
  • Along with the divorce, living alone — for a while with no cats, then with the Queen…
  • In many ways this is the year I got closer to Max — becoming his “Patty” is one of the highlights of the year.
  • Andy and I have done a lot of travel — and picture taking. We got off the mountain, around the trail we thought would never end and we stumbled upon Frozen Dead Guy days.  In all three cases, “don’t panic” was good advice.
  • My girlfriends have also been divorced and had twins… major changes for both of them — and welcome in both cases.
  • I got closer to Andy’s family, and he met all of the Rosses –and charmed them all.
  • I got another clean cancer check-up — and Andy met Dr. W…
  • My uncle Ralph married a wonderful woman — someone I am very glad to call my Aunt Jane.
  • I directed a conference, developed online classes and applied for a sabbatical.

On my birthday, we’re doing a typical Pandy thing — we’re going out of town… running away to Duluth for a couple of days — We’ll hang out in one of our favorite cities, probably have some fish tacos and for sure take some photos.

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