So this is what it’s like to be 43…

My birthday was last week on Thursday… yea, I’m now 43..

The short version of the story is that we spent a long weekend near Lake Superior.. had fun, blah, blah, blah.. here are the fun observations…

  • Scene:  our favorite hotel was overrun by middle school aged hockey players…. Andy and I are watching them scramble on the rocks by the lake, it’s cold…we complain about the cold wind etc..

Andy: Why aren’t those kids going inside because they’re cold.

Me: Ummm.. because they play hockey?  It’s cold in that arena… you know, the ice and everything…

  • Scene:  we’re watching the sea guls on the lake…

Andy:  What are those birds out there on the lake?

Me:  Sea guls

Andy:  I didn’t know they could float.

Me:… what is it about the “sea” in their name that’s ambiguous?  Of course they float..

  • Scene, the best Tavern in the world.. in Grand Marais… Andy has just returned from catching a breath of fresh air..

Andy:  So, I was trying to avoid looking like I was hitting on these girls — and trying to avoid looking like I was eavesdropping on an intense couple’s conversation… and I found the secret passageway..

Me:  I’ve got to see it…

and I did — it was one of the best five minutes of our trip.. the secret passageway is a very rustic door between two buildings.  I pushed it open, walked down a dark passageway and came to the coolest, funkiest, most comfortable looking courtyard… just sitting there, empty.  I was amazed… it was magical…. and a great way to start my 43rd year on the planet.


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  1. A secret passageway! The very idea charms me…

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