Debaters — Where are they now?

I started coaching debate at Creighton University in 1998… yea, that’s a long time ago.

I’m facebook friends with many of my former debaters… All of them were amazing students to work with.  They had (and I hope have) hopes and dreams — passion and intelligence — and a strong desire to see the world become a better place.  While they were sometimes frustrating, the work was always rewarding and I miss working closely with them.  I don’t miss the drama and stress of tournaments and I certainly don’t miss the debate travel — but, I do miss my debaters.  Here’s a RBOC (well, really RBODebaters) run down of where they are now — in no particular order… I also included some folks from our “sister” school in Nebraska…

T:  Coaching debate, winning national championships (yes — two) and going to grad school on the west coast.

D:  T’s partner when I was coaching — last I knew he was graduating from his four year and he’s probably living some kind of hippy-hipster lifestyle someplace beautiful.  He loves the mountains and the north woods —

S:  My first debater to die — when she died she had a new job and a new man — and was happy.

D:  He’s in grad school — his first year in a Ph.D. program after finishing a master’s.

K:  living the life in NYC — her creative impulses make for interesting facebook updates.

B:  getting married, being an attorney in the cheese state.

J:  aka the ex… finishing law school and hopefully his dissertation.

L:  has a Ph.D. in lit and a job!! Yea for any lit Ph.D. with a job… teaching interesting stuff like zombie lit.

JT:  has a Ph.D. in history and a job!!! Being a history professor is just about right!

P:  is an officer in the military with the JAG.

C:  Selling cars and wanting to get back to teaching — posting really funny facebook status updates!

M:  Attorney, married and seems quite happy.

JW:  A minister in Wisconsin!  I wonder if he jots notes for his sermons on his hands 🙂 ?

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  1. Interesting how many of them have made careers that incorporate their debate experience!

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