New Year’s Resolutions…

… for the most part are bunk.  For the last three days everyone has been on a diet, going to the gym and not smoking.  By the end of the month they’ll be sneaking McDonald’s, paying for the gym membership but not going and buying a pack of smokes.  By March they’ll be eating Ben and Jerry’s from the carton,  figuring out how to weasel out of the gym contract and bemoaning the coast of smokes..

The way I see it, resolutions should be simple.

My resolution for the year is to recycle beverage cans at home.  We drink a lot of diet coke around here and currently it’s been going down with the trash — no longer.  I have a new trash can and the old one is the recycling.  Simple..

I’d like to continue improving on a couple of things I had as aspirations last year…

First, I’d like to be more serene — with my friends, my family and especially my students.  With my students I want to be more like Tim Gun from Project Runway.  He treats the designers with respect while also being honest.  It’s a hard line to walk sometimes, but I think I have a good start on it.  That will make me more serene with my students.

Second, I’d like to more easily let things go — things that bother me, either professionally or inter-personally.  My wise younger sister said that if it’s important enough to fight about, it’s important enough to wait to discuss.  In other words, sleep on it and if it still bothers you, then bring it up.  I think that’s key to deciding what needs to be let go and what needs to be fussed about.

Also, I resolve to take more naps, have more fun with my friends and Andy — and generally enjoy what I have.


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  1. Excellent plan!!!

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