Rock n Roll!!

We did our first full-on rock-n-roll photo shoot today… and it was a blast.

Think heavy metal, guys in leather, girls in fishnets and skimpy outfits… loud music, groupies (well, friends of the band), plus me, Andy, April and Jackie…

We took about 1200 images — of everything and everybody..

We’re exhausted, but it was fun — lots of fun.  If the band makes it big, we’ll be able to say we knew them when they couldn’t pay a photographer — and had to recruit friends as models.

Overall, it went very well — April and Andy did the more posed shots — Jackie and I took more crowd and random shots… we all put in 110%…. and getting home to my pajama pants and some quiet hasn’t felt this good in a long time.


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  1. Love the shot of Homer!

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