Snow… a little… dumb-asses a plenty…

If you took ALL of the snow that fell in our area this morning, you may be able to pack your car with snow… seriously.

That being said, you’d think that this was the first real snow of the year… clue, it isn’t… we almost had a white Christmas for cripes sakes.

Traffic was stupid, people were in the ditch and there were imaginary stop signs worthy of Colorado’s I-225 all over the place.  It took me about 15 minutes to go from I-94 to I-394 because every rich twit in their overpriced SUVs couldn’t manage to traverse a non-tricky curve that happened to go under a bridge.  Traffic on 94 was backed up to Hudson because over-priced grocery getters with 4WD couldn’t make a curve…

The curve wasn’t a challenge in my standard Corolla…

I also saw a Liberty failing to do a “Jeep thing” — (i.e. take an unauthorized short-cut) — and a variety of other crashes.

Guys — it’s simple… don’t drive like an idiot.  Use your brakes as little as possible and don’t think you can zoom around like it’s July.  Hello— you do live in Minnesota –otherwise known as Minnesnowda… duh.. if you can’t drive in the snow, move to southern Cali..


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  1. People are idiots when it comes to snow. In my neck of the woods, it’s fear and panic.

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