On Being a Student Again..

Sorry it’s been quiet around here… things are good, I’m suddenly not feeling all that bloggy…

Andy and I are taking a photo class in the Art Department.  Photography 1 involves using actual black and white film and the dark room.

As folks who have mad academic skills, the knowledge part of this isn’t difficult for either of us, but the darkroom skills are proving to be a bit of a challenge.

Those challenges remind me of what it’s like to be a student — one of my students may be a dark room whiz, but not good at philosophy…. and now I understand how that feels.  Your skill set isn’t exactly helpful in another context..   Between us, we made every mistake in the book — from messing up with the timers, printing on the wrong side of the paper and (my favorite) printing the contact sheet backwards… all of them.

The lab techs and our instructor are very pleasant and wonderful — we just have some pretty high expectations of ourselves.  My inner Lisa Simpson came out in full force yesterday, “I want a grade — a GOOD grade — I want to be the best… at EVERYTHING”.. You know the drill.

On a related note, my Andy is on the Dean’s list at school AND in Lake Superior Magazine — check him out!  I’m proud to say I have many Andy originals (and the original Andy) around my place :).



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