Love Advice, from me and Super mom…

Let me give you a bit of history to set the context…  I dated my ex-husband twice, once in high school and then again about three years later — which resulted in our 20 year marriage.

In the three years between dating my now ex, I dated “Jack”.. Jack and I dated from just before I turned 18 to just after my 21st birthday.

Jack was cute, he was nice. and he had been grandfathered into the drinking age — although I never participated…. I swear mom.. Jack was also not all that bright, at least not compared to me and my best-girlfriend the red head.  Even 25 years later we still laugh at some of the jokes we made at Jack’s expense.

Mom rarely gave me love advice — perhaps she knew that I was way too independent to make it worth her while.  In retrospect, she was probably right.

Mom did sit me down once concerning Jack.  She told me two things:

1) Don’t get pregnant.

2) Don’t marry him, because eventually you’ll have to talk to him.

Packed in there is a lot of good advice, including the idea that your life partner should be someone you can talk to.

I’ll add another bit of advice…

3) If he says he likes to cook, pay attention to him.  He may not make a lot of money, he may not be exactly your “type”, you’ll just have to trust me that hanging out with a guy who likes to cook is great.

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