Concern yourself with the suffering of others…

… and you may find something wonderful as a side-effect.

Two years ago my longtime pal Jen thought she wanted to get back into dating.  We were floating around in my pool when I had a brainstorm… Andy.

I knew Andy in high school and we were facebook “friends”.  I told Jen that he was a good guy 25 years ago, and that I’d see if he was available.

At the time I was married —

I sent Andy a message (the first of countless ones between us… wow!) — asking if he was available to meet my friend Jen.  Andy said he was and I put Andy and Jen in facebook contact with one another.

At the time I was thinking that my good friend Jen might end up with someone fun to date — and I knew that if my old friend Andy dated Jen she’d be nice to him.  I thought I was making a love connection, or at least a friendship between the two and that was my only goal.

Jen and Andy didn’t hit it off as a couple — but, Andy and I started talking not too much later and we’ve never stopped.

So — lesson of the day, concerning yourself with the suffering of others is a good thing.  Being selfless and thinking of others’ needs is a good way to live.  If you do that, once in a while you may get lucky and gain a lot.

I have no words to describe the impact Andy has had on my life, my outlook on the world and my participation in the world.. and I never guessed the sentence, “I know a nice boy for you” would have turned out this way.


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