Log time, no blog…

Yea, yea, busy busy — etc… so, an update..

Andy is doing a framing internship this summer… and his work is beautiful.

I’m teaching online and contemplating a sabbatical..

We recently had our two year “facebookaversary”.. it’s been two years since our first of countless chats — in person, text, e-mail etc..

Andy’s had a couple of paid photography gigs fall into his lap — a multi-million dollar house’s photographs are all his — and yesterday the “color run”… a 5k run in which they throw powdered color at the runners every K…

We’re planning a vacation to Colorado this summer… I can’t wait — but first, moving… aargh… August will go lickety-split… Move, vacation, school starts (for him…) — and then the darkroom will open again… YEA!

We adopted a new kitty, her name is Scarlett — as in the Dead song “Scarlet Begonia” — I didn’t go looking for a kitty, but she stood on the sidewalk below our deck and demanded that I let her in… so I did.  She and Terra are great friends… and for a kitten, she’s not completely evil.

Our good pal M broke her leg doing roller derby, so we spent some time helping her out… and wouldn’t have changed a thing.

Saturday Andy made the most amazing burger — the “50/50 burger”.. half ground beef, half ground bacon.  It was perfect — extraordinarily unhealthy, but perfect.

So — that’s it for us…. hope things are good for you!