Happy “Coffeeversary” Andy!

Two years ago today Andy and I had coffee for the first time… we met at a Dunn Brothers, we talked nonstop and after a couple of hours he had to go pick up Max.  As we were saying goodbye he said something I’ll always remember…looking kind of surprised, he said “we didn’t have any of those awkward conversation gaps”.  I laughed and said of course not…

In the last two years Andy has been the best friend I could ever imagine.  We’ve talked about everything, we’ve travelled, laughed, cried and giggled a lot… I’ve become close to his family and he’s close to mine.  I know that my family is better because it includes him and I hope the S/T clan has gained something by including me. 

In the past two years Andy has been a positive force in my life and I hope I’ve been a good influence on him.  This year he’ll finish his degree and probably start a new one, I’ll be on sabbatical and thus able to spend a lot of time in the school’s darkroom…  We’re contemplating starting a small business together and we’re talking about the trips we want to take.

This week we’ve been moving — my rent was just too high, so I found a new place and we move in this afternoon.  Andy has been fantastic to move with — calm, helpful, hardworking and although he HATES moving more than anything, he’s been a wonderful companion.  So, in two years we’ve gone from meeting for coffee to hauling stuff up 3 flights of stairs.  I know neither or us would have guessed that one…

As a reward to ourselves, we’ll be taking a trip to Colorado next week — yep, move, travel — all before school starts.

So — here’s to another amazing year — I think I’ll go get him some coffee before he wakes up… he deserves it.


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