Happy First Day of School!


Today is the first day of school for Century folks… and the first Fall semester since 1993 that I haven’t had classes to teach and/or attend.

A few tips for students…

  • It’s on the syllabus — really, just read it.
  • Plan to actually go to that class, all the time.
  • Do your reading — really, it will make class more interesting.
  • Ask when you have questions.
  • Go to office hours — especially if it’s a huge class (I went to the U of MN and Nebraska… I know huge classes)
  • Enjoy your time as a student, it turns out that the “real world” is overrated.

Tips for new Professors/GTAs etc..

  • Don’t bore them the first day by reading the syllabus — tell them there will be a quiz on it.
  • Enjoy teaching — if you let them, your smarties will shine and you’ll enjoy having them in class.
  • If this is your first ever semester teaching, relax and know that it gets easier.
  • Don’t plan on anything too thought-intensive for the first week. Getting back in the swing of things isn’t easy.

Now — I’m going back to bed, because I’m on Sabbatical!!!!



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