Some “issues” are more obvious than others…


When Vikings punter (according to Max) Chris Kluwe wrote a raunchy, funny, perfect rant about someone who opposed same-sex marriage, it got me to thinking… if you haven’t read it, go do so… perhaps one of my favorite lines came early, “you might want to hire an intern to help you with the long words”… lol…

So, my thought is about the controversial social issues that SEEM quite obvious to me — same-sex marriage and abortion.

The revelation is what they have in common… namely, if you’re against either or both, then you shouldn’t participate.

Same-sex marriage seems to be the most obvious case.  If I want to marry someone, the only person who should need to consent is that person — which makes me kinda sad in the case of some people…


but generally, the arrangement between two people who want to form a partnership is their business.

Abortion is less clear, but still pretty clear as far as I can see.  The pregnant woman and her sexual partner should need to agree — although he won’t have to be pregnant and can physically walk away, so the tie breaker should go with her.  The “child” has no more say than they did in their initial conception… which is a point of contention, but the bottom-line is that if I had an abortion it would only impact two others —

For me, socialized medicine seems to be a no-duh issue as well… everyone should be able to afford to go to the doctor to get care they need.  It’s useful as a contrast case because nature of socialized medicine involves more people.  Even if I disagreed with the concept that the government should provide healthcare, I’d still have to pay for it.  It would also be the case that my individual medical care could be impacted — those are risks and impacts on individual freedom that I’m willing to impose on others..

All of this makes me see the wisdom in Rawls’ first principle, which essentially tells us that each person should have the maximum amount of individual freedom possible, without impacting the freedom of others.  Funny that the political party claiming to “love freedom” seems pretty obsessed with limiting it if you’re female or gay… hmmmm….

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