Political Ads..

In the Minnesota 8th district 2,168 political ads were run — each at a cost of about 808.00.

Andy and I have our best ideas on the porch — last night, the idea was to give the money paid for political advertising to poor people instead… and run a very short (therefore, inexpensive) ad about it… run it a few times, see what you can do to make it go “viral”, thus get it for free…

The image we’d present would be a crude split screen — on one side, a very plain man — camera close up on his face.. on the other, as he speaks, images of people in need getting help (clothes, coats, books etc..).

The text of the ad would be very simple:

“Every political ad costs 808.00 to run ONCE.  Instead of smearing our opponent, we thought we should do something for people who need it.  So, we gave the money for one ad to a single mom who was about to be evicted.  She’s caught up on her rent.  We gave the money for another ad to a charity that collects coats for poor kids, 50 poor kids in Minnesota have coats.  We declined to run 1,000 ads, you do the math.  We support Obama.”

Of course — it won’t happen… but, if we ran the world from our porch, it would…


2 Responses

  1. That? Is beyond brilliant. I’d vote for that candidate.

  2. me too, so awesome.

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