A raise would be nice…

… I suppose, I don’t remember what it looks like in my bank account.

Clearly, I‘m not on Social Security...

I teach at a community college in Minnesota.  We’re unionized, so our health benefits and working conditions are pretty darned good — BUT, and this is a big one… we haven’t had an actual raise in at least two, maybe three contracts — that’s a minimum of 6 years of steady (sometimes good, once in a while brilliant) work for the same money.

Yep, I know I’m “lucky” to have a job at all — especially as a philosopher.  I’m also lucky my class sizes haven’t increased, although — to be fair — 50 students in an Ethics class is all my allotted classroom will hold… and it’s plenty.

On the other hand, my rent increases outpaced my non-existent raises, so I had to move.  I’m quite glad I wasn’t trying to sell a house — I just had to wait out my lease.  The last time I suspect I got a raise, gas was about $1.50 / gallon less.  My cell phone, internet, electricity and grocery bill was lower too.  Due to my divorce, my tax bill increased quite a bit… so, even the IRS is squeezing more out of this stone.

I don’t keep close track of my union dues, but I suspect they’re among the only bill of mine that hasn’t increased.

And.. Mittens wants to break my union… ummm.. why? I don’t see my union putting pressure on the state to increase my wages — and, since I make a fraction of the $250K / year of the folks he’s concerned with, I doubt my well-being is his concern.

So — the folks on Social Security shouldn’t complain too much about their small COLA… at least it’s an increase, don’t blow it all on one package of chicken breasts — wait for a two-fer like the rest of us.


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