On those who refuse to vote…

This guy isn’t going to vote, even though he can….

and.. I’m stunned by this attitude every time I encounter it.

Just the other day I had a discussion with someone like this — his attitude is that “they’re all crooks, I can’t vote for a crook”… wow.  Yes, it may be true that all politicians are dishonest in some way or another — but, the thing is that it’s important to pick the candidate who at least SAYS they align with your values.

If you don’t have an opinion on many of the important social issues, then develop one — read, listen, talk to both sides and figure out what YOU think.  It’s probably the most important thing you can do as a citizen.

I spent a week making phone calls to take down this woman:

And, once in a while I’d get an amazing response to my opening spiel…

“My husband takes care of the voting in this house”… or “I’m not political, I don’t vote”…

I usually had to go walk those off… because, frankly, that’s what some folks WANT you to do — and they don’t have your best interests at heart… they’re “crooks” after all, right?

We were generally calling women, so in my head I’d say things like “well, when crazy eyes cuts your medicare and social security, don’t come crying to me” (if they were older) or — to the young women “when the Republicans want to control your uterus, don’t whine to me”…

In more reasonable times, I think about all of the folks living here and contributing to the country that aren’t permitted to vote — immigrants (with or without legal status) — if they aren’t citizens, no vote… and felons.  In this country 5.8 million citizens can’t legally vote — because they’re felons, 4 million are out of prison and/or even off of “paper” (parole or probation).  Most of these folks are trying like hell to get their lives back in order after a terrible period in their lives — they have problems finding jobs and apartments due to criminal background checks (another rant all together, but — fyi, if a felony is more than 4 years old the person is no more likely to commit another crime than someone with a clean record) — and many states are making it quite difficult for them to vote.

There’s a demographic reason states don’t want felons to vote, it’s called racism.  Felons are disproportionately African American… So, one mistake as a young adult means no voting for life… (see stories about Florida’s process for an example).  My state is quite civilized, once a felon is off of probation/parole their civil rights are automatically restored… thus, they can vote without having to do extensive legal paperwork to do so.  More states should be like Minnesota…

And — Everyone who CAN vote, should — if only because your felon brothers and sisters can’t…



One Response

  1. “My husband takes care of the voting in our house/” Wow, now that is really scary.

    I hear some of the same things that you cite from my students. When I press them about decision that affect them, some actually say that they still don’t care.


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