Hilary Update… (My Great Aunt, not Ms. Clinton)..

Since this is a personal blog, I’ll use it that way today.. It’s easier to write here and link to Facebook than to put it in a long status update…

I’ve been in Madison for nearly a week — (it will be a week tomorrow) — I took the “Notebook of Power” from my amazing cousin Emily on Thursday — and Emily went home to her very patient family on Friday…. and eventually they sprung Hil loose from the hospital on Friday…  I was quite grateful to have Kris and Brian around to get her settled in…

Pro tip — INSIST that the nursing staff either send prescriptions to the pharmacy at the hospital OR fax them to your own pharmacy well before discharge.  I missed that detail and, as a result, had to beg a pharmacist at a just closed pharmacy to fill a whole bunch of new prescriptions for Hil — it was a Friday night… eek…

Hil is seeming to gain a little bit of energy every day, but not a whole lot… she’s moved between her chair and the couch twice since she got home — and I’d have liked that to be much more often… she tried last night and couldn’t quite do it — she’d had a lot of visitors and was pretty tired.

She’s on a bunch of medications and breathing treatments, which are actually quite simple… I’ve also mastered dumping the “You’re-a-pee-in” say it out loud, it sounds like “European” purse — i.e. her catheter bag…

Hil has a wonderful set of friends who will come to hang out with her so that I can go out for a while and not worry about her… last night Linda came over, Jim is here today — tonight Rochelle and Lindsay from across the street will come to watch the elections.. Rochelle said she’d come over for a while tomorrow…   They’re a wonderful group of people who love Hil and appreciate her unique personality…

The game plan so far is that I’ll be here until Sunday — Andy is coming down to visit and cook — and, as it turns out, take me home… My mom… the Master Nurse of her generation (they all say that Mom, so accept it) will come in to take over for me on Sunday.  I’ll leave mom’s car here — and Mom will be here until Emily and her family come back for their Thanksgiving tradition — and Mom will come back if needed (and I’m thinking she will be needed.. ).

Oliver is planning a weekend visit the weekend before Thanksgiving — which will give Hil someone else to talk to — and Mom a bit of freedom to do her own thing…  and Jane said she could come in early December if needed… and, if she’s not needed I’m sure she’ll be appreciated :).

A note to all of you who are going to visit — I got new mattress pads (thin, down feather beds) — BUT… you NEED to keep your bedroom doors closed, or the cat will be naughty… and, it’s not going to be fun doing that laundry.. I’ll put notes up on the doors to remind you —



2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the update, Patty. Ralph spoke with Hilary Saturday and was so happy to hear her voice and to have a real conversation. I am so glad she is home, but she obviously needs people with her. I am keeping early December free so I can help if needed. I know your mom will have great input on how things are progressing.

  2. I enjoyed your update Patty. Nice to see the light side too! Tell Hilary that Elizabeth Patterson was asking about her. She said that Hilary was a whole lot of fun back in their school days. We hope that Hilary will be better soon. Linda Ross

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