Hil update 2 (aunt, not Clinton..)

We had a big day yesterday… a trip to the bathroom, fresh PJs and the decision that the couch is hard to get off of, so for the time being it’s the big red leather chair for Hil..

Also — that election thing… we had the girls from across the street over for dinner and election results — so, good company, good food and great news all around.

Mom booked her ticket to Madison — turns out there is a huge price difference between flying in on Sunday and flying in on Friday… so she chose Friday — which works for me :).  She’ll be in on Friday late afternoon, Andy will be down in the evening and I’ll go back to Minnesota with him on Sunday, so Mom can have her car here..

We also decided that I would take care of the house and Mom would spend Thanksgiving in Madison… good news all around, I think.

Today the OT person should come in, at some point… the social worker was a no-show yesterday… grrr… the girls from across the street will come hang out with Hil after lunch so I can go wander around Madison for a couple of hours without being concerned about Hil –she could stay alone, but I wouldn’t leave her just so I could get a break — and Hil enjoys their company.. so it’s all good.

In food news– here are the pro tips…

1) coffee.. if it’s normal coffee to you and I, it’s too strong for Hil, so some hot water in the cup first — then coffee will make her happy.

2) toast — watch it… the toaster oven works well, but start with the “light” setting and add time…

3) the eggs… I always start them first, put the eggs in the small cast iron pan, cover with water and turn on high… let them go for at least 25 minutes, then put the eggs in a bowl of ice/very cold water for just a little bit (a minute or two at most), they’ll be easy to peel this way… then, mash them up with some butter..

Put it all on a tray — in the cupboard by the fridge — she’ll send you back to the kitchen if you don’t have a tray :)…

Generally, she’s had an apple for lunch and a decent dinner… you’ll keep her happy if she has ice water, almonds and a Hershey bar with almonds by her side at night..

It took me a while to figure all of this out — there’s no reason you should have to sort it out on your own..


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  1. Love the hints- specific is important and makes everything easier for those who follow. We also were at a great election night party with like-minded Louisville friends. We feel so lucky to have wonderful friends and neighbors here.

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