How I spent election night…

While I would have rather been at home, celebrating with Andy (we had a long phone call afterward… ), I spent election night in a wonderful way…

My Great Aunt Hil is 90… and a passionate Democrat.  She wanted Obama to win, she is in support of all gay rights and she’s generally a smart, compassionate and wonderful woman who is concerned about the future of her country — not for herself, but for her family.

L and R are a wonderful couple from across the street… they live there because Hil’s soul mate (J) is R’s ex-husband.  R and J are good friends.  Their marriage dissolved when R figured out that she’s a lesbian… J is a man and L is a woman.

L & R are a fun, loving, and compassionate couple.  L cooks — bakes, to be precise, and takes photos… in many ways she’s similar to Andy.  R is a mail carrier, more outgoing than R.  Both have a love of life and one another that’s infectious.

The evening began with tacos (made by me, inspired by Andy) and R’s guacamole.  We worried when Mittens was ahead and cheered every time Obama gained some electoral college votes.  Every Democratic House or Senate win was good news…

All of us were really hoping Baldwin would beat Thompson in the Wisconsin race.  We hoped Baldwin would be the first openly gay woman in the Senate — and we got our wish… when it was announced, there were cheers, hugs and kisses and a sense that things might be ok.

L & R were worried about the anti-gay marriage amendments on the ballot — so when it became clear that Minnesota hadn’t fallen to bigotry, there were more cheers… and, when same-sex marriage was made legal in two more states — it was wonderful… but, we were still sweating the big race… would Mittens beat our guy, Obama??

Eventually, Obama won too… and we felt we could go to bed and not worry about the country.

Spending the night with L & R made me think — no sane person who spent any time with this sweet, affectionate and compassionate couple could say that they shouldn’t be able to get married if they wanted to… nobody in their right mind, at least.  Their personalities mesh nicely, they work well as a team and are supportive of their partners’ goals, dreams, ambitions and values.  Isn’t that what a marriage is supposed to be about?  To deny that they are already a family would be preposterous… just, plain silly — and to deny them the legal benefits and protections granted to hetero couples on a daily basis is just plain wrong.  period.

I have my amazing Hil to thank for bringing these great women into my life.. She was at J and R’s wedding… J is, in many ways, Hil’s life partner –it’s not a romantic relationship, but it’s a relationship filled with love, laughter, compassion and support. When R and J broke up, Hil could have held a grudge against R for breaking J’s heart — but she didn’t.  She saw that life and love don’t always follow an easy or predictable path.  I have Hil to thank for being wise enough to see that and letting R into her life, and thus mine.

The most wonderful thing about last night was being with three women who care deeply about equality — and one another.  I can’t adequately describe the expressions of joy on L & R’s faces as it became clear to them that the country is more accepting of their relationship…. and it’s about dammed time.

L said something that sums it all up, “in the future, people will look back on when gay couples couldn’t get married and wonder what the hell — what were they thinking back then?”  L hit it on the head.

It’s a good day today, and the future looks better than it has in a long time..


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  1. A good night indeed! Hil sounds remarkable.

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