My last solo day in Madison…

… started early — like, 4 am early  — Hil needed a trip to the bathroom… after that excitement, I went back to sleep for a while, only to have a dream that we (Mom, myself, Emily and Shirley) were caring for my Grandpa Charlie and had somehow disconnected his catheter bag… and were fighting about it — the four of us never fight… I’m thinking  it may be time for me to go home… I’m glad mom will be here later…  I’m a philosopher, not a nurse…

Pro-tip of the day… prune juice, don’t forget it… because Hil won’t ask for it.. On a related note… the walker doesn’t fit into Hil’s bathroom — but, she can make it by using the sink and the washer/dryer… we figured out that it’s easier to get her pj pants up if she faces the dryer and you work from the side.. trust me on this one…

I’ve taken to hanging out in the living room when Hil says she wants to nap — the neighbors are kind of interesting — don’t be surprised to see Rochelle deliver the mail :)…

Also, Hil’s wifi has a secret password that isn’t on the document on her laptop — or, any variations of her name, or anything else… I don’t know  how to fix it.  Her ipad and computer work fine, but unless you get Lindsey to help you sort it out, your new computer can’t access her network… Brian and Linda’s works in the den… ask them for the password.


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