Who Are We? Philosophy factory

I suppose there’s some truth to the notion that I teach the 13th and 14th grades.  I teach philosophy at a community college.  Some semesters I teach 5 sections with 50 students each, thus the saying that I feel as if I teach in the philosophy factory.

I’m a recent Ph.D. in philosophy.  My dissertation is on the ethics of warfare and I teach a lot of logic and ethics courses.   I have two cats and no kids.  I also have tenure and no publishing expectations, so suddenly I have more time to play and make new friends— or, in the case of Andy, revive old friendships. I’m in a fun time of my life, in which I have a bit of wisdom and experience to see that the world is a kind of bizarre place and I have the time / freedom to explore that bizarre place.  I also have a good friend willing to join me on that journey, thus this blog.


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