When does the semester start again?

The first week of school never feels real to me — I’m still having daydreams about break, I’m saying the same things in every class and it’s the same crap I say every semester.

This is the second week of class — and it was a short week for MLK day… and I’m headed north for a fun weekend.

Next week I teach one class, have about a zillion meetings and then I run off to San Diego for a few days of conferencing with military ethicists (it’s more fun than it sounds — smart, nice looking men in uniforms.. warm weather, yummy!).

Once I get back from San Diego, I suppose the semester will actually get started… then, it’s only a few weeks until Spring Break!!

In other news–

  • I had a clear cancer check-up today… so, I can still say “I don’t have cancer”… YEA!
  • A mostly big-wig in the just war discussion thinks my dissertation concept is interesting.  He told me he’s recently published an article that calls for exactly what I argue for in my San Diego conference paper…YEA YEA!
  • The mystery of who nabbed my hummus last week was solved… it was an innocent mistake by a good friend…
  • I have to say that my pal Andy really is off to a good start in his classes.  I’ve seen some of his homework and I’d be impressed… of course, I teach philosophy with stick figures, so I’m not exactly an expert in visual communication principles or photography…

Still — it’s a happy time in my twisted little world…. my students haven’t even made me mad yet.. and no e-mails like this one


Enjoying School……

Lesson number one:   Always read the course description prior to registering for classes.   If you don’t you may find that you are required to go out and buy a $1000.00 camera.  A bit of a shock if your not budgeting for it.     On the other hand what a delicious excuse to go blow a metric shit ton on cool gadgetry!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Logic concerns me a bit. After two classes I’m on track, but I did fail this course miserably at the college of icky rich kids in St. Paul.

One course seems to be a geared for younger students needing clarity and discipline…………it’s required for the degree so I’ll do it.

Photography is fantastic though there is a woman in my class who is clearly suffering from meth addiction.   I feel someone is going to correct her bizarre antics………….she should hope it’s not me as I also miserably failed being nice to dumb asses class.

I thought I would hate principles of graphic design. As it happens I love it.  This brings me to the fun and games portion of the post:

What does everyone think of this art work?  Please tell me what you think it is, who might have made it, what you do or don’t like about it?

Two hints:

I love it

I didn’t make it.