Who are we? Imaketeles

My real name is Andy.

I have two fantastic kids and dual passions of food and music.  I love the kids more, but just a little :).

Patty calls me an “evil food genuis”, which is probably true.  I also teach guitar, play in a band and take on lots of projects.

Patty and I knew one another in school, lost contact and had adult lives, and then reconnected via the wonders of social networking.  Since then, we’ve discovered that we have a lot in common.  I think she overanalyzes stuff, she thinks I’m too practical for my own good, so we’re a good pair.

Politically, I’m firmly in the “wild-eyed hippie” category.  Oh shock, annother lefty on the internet.  I’m not afraid to speak my mind.  I don’t expect that you’ll always agree with me, but I do ask that your disagreement is civil.

I hope you enjoy our blog.  We want it to be a mix of food and current events, but who knows what will capture our attention next.


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